Abandoned Kitten Found While Fishing

Abandoned Kitten Found While Fishing – This man was out fishing by the lake when a when this little ball of fur surprised him.  The abandoned kitten hurried up to him, requesting some attention and he would not take no for an answer and the fisherman fell in love.

Abandoned Kitten Found While Fishing

One Abandoned Kitten Found While Fishing Video

While Fishing Man Found Abandoned Kitten

The man was extremely astonished when the little cat jogged up to him yowling for help. The little lighten ball attempted to climb his sack, requesting consideration.

She just strolled up to him and his friend as they were fishing. They assume that the little furball was left behind by someone. They couldn’t leave the little cats there so scooped them up and headed home.

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The cute little cat seemed to get attached to him. So the fisherman took her home to see if they could do something for the little guy. All the way home from fishing the cat stayed nestled in his arms and would not live the spot.

Abandoned Kitten Found While Fishing
Abandoned Kitten Found While Fishing

At home, the little cat was so grateful to have somebody to take care of her that she didn’t gripe as they gave her a bath and cleaned her up.

Last we heard she’s doing awesome. Eating like a champ, with her own litter box, lots of toys and people that love her.

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