Going Fishing? DO NOT Forget This 26 Things!

Going fishing can be a fun experience for everyone involved.  You can spend the day at the water trying to catch some fish.  On this article, we discuss the thing that you should NOT forget to bring when going fishing.  It really it depends on what exactly it was that you forgot when you decided to go fishing.

DO NOT FORGET This 26 Things When Going Fishing

If You Are Going Fising Do NOt Forget This 26 Things Video
People enjoy going fishing for the scenery and just get out for some fresh air.  Now if you forget something back at home, it could turn a fun trip into an uncomfortable day, to say the least.

#1 Fishing Bait

Don’t forget the Fishing Bait. You would think this is a silly thing to say.  But you would be surprised how many people in the excitement of their fishing trip, neglect to bring the bait. So make yourself a note NOT to forget it.

On the other hand, you know whats going to happen when you get there and you forgot the bait… You will find that fishing spot just full of fish and YOU sitting there with no bait.  You will be so mad at yourself.

#2 Fishing License

DO NOT FORGET Your Fishing License

Forgetting your fishing license will cost you.  And in some cases, it may cost you a lot.  Anything from 100’s to 1000’s of dollars depending on the location where you are trying to catch fish.  In some states in America, you may lose all your tackle, your boat and sometimes even your car.  So do not take the chance. Don’t forget your fishing license.

Here are some tips that may help when going fishing:

  • Get yourself a favorite “going fishing shirt” – Having one shirt or jacket that you WILL always use while going fishing, will help you not to forget your fishing license.  Attach the fishing license to the shirt.  You can usually find a plastic container with a clip where you can attach the fishing license to the shirt.
  • Take a pic of your fishing license – When you get your fishing license take a pic of it with your phone.  It may not be the actual license, but in the event that you do forget to bring your fishing license, you will have something.  Make sure that the picture clearly shows the license number.
  • Fishing Boat Keys and License go Together – If you are going fishing in your boat make sure these two things are not left behind

#3 Cell Phone

Forgetting your cell phone in today’s society is a no-no.  You can do an array of things with your phone. and we have become used to its many features.  Directions, calculator, camera, social media, surf the web, play games and many other things.  Yes, you can also call someone with them.  And in an emergency is a good thing to NOT forget.

Here are some things that may help you:

  • Get GPS Ahead of Time – If you are planning a fishing trip, GPS the directions the day before. This way you will MUST LIKELY not forget your phone.
  • Stock-up on Extra Batteries – If you are fishing for bass on a boat or from shore, having a place to charge your phone may not be available.  You can buy battery packs that will charge your phone. An alternative option is a rechargeable solar charger.
  • Write Down the Phone Numbers – Do you remember EVERY phone number on your phone?  Most people are lucky if they remember 2 phone numbers, let alone the one you need in an emergency. Write down your most used numbers and put them in your wallet, or inside a zip-lock baggie in your tackle box.

#4 Fishing Tackle Box

I can’t remember how many times I have been in this spot.  You would think that a tackle box, with all your fishing gear and fishing lures, is something that you would not forget.  WRONG!!!  There was a time I ended up leaving the lake, boat and all, to go to the local bait store to get some tackle.  I was so embarrassed, is something I don’t usually talk about.  Can you blame me?

#5 Fishing Rods

It has happened. its 2 in the morning, you barely have one eye open.  There is not enough coffee in your system.  You hook up the boat, throw the tackle box in, place the cooler in the truck bed.  And in your haste and tiredness, you forget the fishing poles.  Trust me, I know.  I have done it.

In case you have this predicament, always remember that the fishing pole is optional.  If you have fishing line, hook, and bait, you can still fish.  It will just be a bigger challenge than before.

#6 Going Fishing? Don’t Forget the BoatGoing Fishing Do NOT Forget The Boat

Going Fishing Do NOT Forget The Boat

Just like the tackle box, you would think this could not happen.  Well, let me tell you it does.  In this case, I can say this has not happened to me, yet. But I know of people who have been so excited to be going fishing they have climbed into the truck and forget to hitch the boat.

In another occasion, someone, I won’t say no name, forgot to strap the boat properly.  Long story short, there was NO boat when they arrived at the lake.

#7 – 14 Boat Equipment That You Should NOT Forget

Do Not Forget Your Fishing Net When Going FishingThe boat is not the only thing that people forget though. Here are other fishing boat things you should NOT forget while going fishing:

  • #7 Boat Keys – Make sure the keys are in the ignition before you head out
  • #8 Boat Plug – Do not forget to bring it and more importantly to put it on the boat
  • #9 The Boat Battery – If you are charging your battery the night before, do not forget to put it back in the boat
  • #10 Boat Anchor – When you toss the anchor over the rail, make sure the end of the rope is attached to the boat
  • #11 Boat Paddles – Being in the middle of the lake with technical difficulties, having those boat paddles could save you
  • #12 Life Jackets – Some states required it, but even if they don’t, it is always a good idea to have them.  Make sure they are tight fitting and that there plenty for everyone
  • #13 Fishing Net – A fishing net will come in very handy when you are going fishing, especially if you are on a boat. It will be a lot easier to land the fish
  • #14 Fuel – Just like the tackle box story, please do not forget to bring fuel for the boat. You may end up stranded in the middle of the lake.  Bring extra, to be safe.  My personal rule of thumb… If I think I got enough fuel for the day… I get more!

#15 DO NOT Forget Your Fishing Buddy

Now this one is even funnier than the tackle box, the anchor and the fuel above.  When your buddy drives up the ramp to park the truck and trailer… DO NOT take off on the boat and leave him behind on the dock. Especially if he has the beer 🙂

#16 Toilet Paper

Now the toilet paper is not a fishing equipment per se, but, if you forget it and you need it your fishing trip could be a really bad one.

You May Need Toilet Paper While Going FishingA Few Tips That Would Help

  • GO before the trip – If you are bank fishing there is always a bush or a tree close-by.  But when you are in a boat, well is not that easy to find a place to land, especially if you are doing the poo-poo dance
  • Wrap the Toliet Paper – I carry 2 rolls of toilet paper just in case.  I place both inside two separate zip lock bags, and then I add both of this to a larger zip lock bag.  There is nothing worse than wet, dirty, TP when you have to go
  • Will There Be Any Ladies Fishing? – If there are any ladies on your planned fishing trip, do yourself a favor and double up on the amount of TP you will be bringing while going fishing.  Just to be safe and as a courtesy to the lady who took the time to be going fishing with you
  • Having a Lady Present Bonus Feature – If possible, buy a 4×8 tarp, cut it in half, long ways, tie the ends together and you can now set up a privacy screen for the lady of this fishing trip.  Trust me, she will love you for it

#17 – 19 Going Fishing You Need Food And Drinks

If you are planning on going fishing all day, you will not only need all of the fishing equipment. But, you will also need to make sure that you have enough drinks and grub to last you thru the day.

  • #17 Food – Plenty of food, sandwiches, chips, fruits, snacks or whatever you choose
  • #18 Water – Been out in the sun and the elements make sure to have plenty of drinking water
  • #19 Beer – Usually drinking beer and fishing go hand in hand.  On a good day!

#20 – 25 Other Things Needed When Going Fishing

Here are some other things you may not want to leave behind when you are going fishing.

#20 Pen and paper – #21 Fishing Glasses – #22 Fishing Hats – #23 Any medicine you may need – #24 Fishing Gloves, #25 a good book – oh I could go on.  Please let us know what other things YOU would hate to forget in the comments below.

#26 Let Someone Know You Are Going Fishing

Fisherman Fishing Alone By the Water While Going Fishing

If you decide at 5 am to just NOT go to work and going fishing sounds like a better way to spend your day. Please do not keep it a secret.

Being all alone in the water without someone knowing your general location can bring a lot of unnecessary drama.  If no ones know where you are, people will start freaking out.

The cops will be called, the morgue will be searched and the local hospitals will be contacted as well, in an attempt to find you.

And when you finally come back after a happy day of going fishing, people will be relieved that you are safe and sound, but, they will not like you much for a minute.

Things That Would Help

  • Make sure to tell your wife, your fishing buddy, a family member, someone
  • Let them know how long you’ll be gone and planning on returning
  • You can also post a piece of paper in your vehicle with this info if you are going on a boat
  • If you can’t tell anyone, at least leave a note in a place where it can be seen

Whichever way you decide to do it, it will be very appreciated by your loved ones and friends.  So please Tell Someone you are going fishing.

Going Fishing Check Mini-List

Someone requested a checklist so I made this one really quick.  It does not have all of the 26 things, but it’s better than nothing I would think. You can maybe print this image and place it on the dashboard of your car, so you can see it in the morning before you head out on your fishing trip. I hope it helps you in any way.  If you did end up using it please let me know how in the comments below.

Going Fishing Check List
Going Fishing Check List

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