How To Make Your Own Fishing Pole – Fun Fishing DIY Project

Make Your Own Fishing Pole to save money, the enjoyment of making your own fishing rod, learning a new DIY skill that may come in handy one day, or just for bragging rights. There are many reasons why you would like to make your own fishing pole.

How To Make Your Own Fishing Pole

How to Make Your Own Fishing Pole

Hello and thank for joining us here at FishingStone. Today we are going to be discussing how to Make Your Own Fishing Pole. This fishing pole will function perfectly, it will have the colors of your choice, with as many rings as you desire. The fishing pole that you will be proud to take fishing anytime and to show off to your friends.

Materials to Make Your Own Fishing Pole

In order to get started to make your first fishing rod, we will need the following materials:

  • The Fishing Rod – Rod of about 4 ft to 6 ft or as big as you would like it to be
  • Fishing Rod Material – Bamboo would work, but you can use any material that will bend easily and not break
  • Sewing thread – You can use any colors that you would like. Most people use 3 different colors. You can also use different color fishing line
  •  Metal Wire – Some pieces of metal wire. Aluminum will probably work or you can I use other materials
  • Round Framework – A small piece of PVC or something similar, like a large magic marker
  • A Sealer – For this, you can use lacquer or nail polish

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Steps to Make Your Own Fishing Pole

We will begin to make your fishing rod by taking the small piece of PVC tube, or something like it, that has a round shape. We will pass the wire over the PVC in such a way that it looks like a ring when you are done.

Make Your Own Fishing Pole

Make Your Own Fishing Pole. – Image Source: rinconutil

After we have acquired the desired round shape, the 2 ends will face away from each other probably sticking out about an inch or two in length. For this fishing pole, we will use 3 rings, two of larger diameters and a smaller one.

These rings are what will hold the fishing line in place and allow us to catch some fish. To fix them in place to the pole, we will put a piece of adhesive tape to fix them, and later, we start to wind it with sewing thread, until they are being held tight.

You don’t have to use several colors, that is totally optional. That is just to give it a better look. I have used different color combinations over the years. Black, Yellow, Red. White, black and green. One time all I had available was a green fishing line, so I just used that.

Making Your Own Fishing Rod

Make Your Own Fishing Pole. – Image Source:

Putting Together Your Fishing Pole

Once we have all the yarn rolled, we must harden it, and for this, we will use lacquer or nail polish. Make sure the whole thread is covered very well for a stronger bond. To dry it, we can leave it in the sun for a few minutes and then it will harden. Or you can just leave it overnight under a small fan.

Therefore, we have our first ring attached to the base, the second that is placed in the middle of the cane, and the third and smaller, which we will place on the top, letting it protrude a little, we cut the excess of metal, and we do the same process as for the rest.

When you have them all together, you will have your very own fishing pole that you have made yourself.  To attach the reel you can use the same system that you used to attach the eyes.  The only thing is that you will not be able to remove it, without some work afterward.

I have to mention that when you Make Your Own Fishing Pole as a DIY project; do not attempt to catch a lunker with it. This is probably good for small perch, trout and maybe some sun-fish.  For serious fishing, a good quality fishing rod would be required.

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