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Saltwater fishing is referred to as the method used for fishing in the ocean, and it can be done on shore, boat or pier.

Saltwater Fishing Articles Posts Videos Tips

In order to enjoy this type of fishing anglers make use of live and artificial baits depending on the type of fish, they want to catch that day. Saltwater fishing is available only in the locations that border the ocean or have inlets with a high level of salt content. This type of fishing offers the best fighting experience for anglers.

The most common fish in this category includes cod, tarpon, eels, sea catfish, mackerel. Other popular ones are mahi-mahi, barracuda, shrimp, swordfish, bass, crabs, tuna, and sharks.

Bait catching equipment that is popularly used in saltwater fishing includes cast nets, dip nets, minnow and fish traps. All this listed equipment enables anglers to catch live bait.

Fishing in Saltwater is an activity that everyone, irrespective of age can enjoy. Many generations can grow closer by fishing together. This is also a great activity to use to teach children about things like conservation, water safety, and habitats.

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