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7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass


7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass This Spring. Fishing lures for spring bass that will help you easily catch largemouth bass or smallmouth bass.

7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass This Spring

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Spring Bass Fishing Lures

The 7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass This Spring. Fishing lures for spring bass that will help you easily catch largemouth bass or smallmouth bass.

One of the most difficult and complicated tasks any angler can be faced with is choosing the best bass fishing lures to use on their quest to catch bass. This difficulty usually stems from the fact that there are so many bass fishing lures out there and the options are unlimited.

It’s easy for you to get confused by just looking and researching the crazy amount of spring bass fishing lures available in the market today and this can impede your productivity and affect your fishing day before it even begins.

However, the importance of carefully selecting your bass lures should never be underemphasized, especially if you are starting your fishing season in the spring. Check out our post on Spring Bass Fishing Tips for helpful advice.

Unlike other seasons, spring fishing is often the most exciting bass fishing season on the calendar despite the fact that bass behavior is often different and more difficult to interpret.

Our List of The Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures

7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass This Spring Fishing LuresHere is our list of the 7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass This Spring:

To fully immerse yourself in the spring bass fishing season, you need to have knowledge on the best spring bass fishing lures you can use to appease the ever-hungry desire to catch bass.

  • Fishing Worm
  • The Jig
  • The Jerkbait
  • Lipless Crankbait
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Buzzbaits
  • Crawfish

These are the most popular spring bass fishing lures you will find on the market today.  You can read more about it below.NOTE: Some of the links below are for  amazon.com

The Fishing Worm

Fishing WormWe will start the list of spring bass fishing lures with the most common and easiest to master… The Fishing Worm. The fishing worm is regarded as the most effective soft plastic bass lure out there.

What makes fishing worms amazing for use as bait is not their sheer size which is a massive 6 inches, it is the fact that these worms often get bit all day and under whatever condition.

In as much as you can use them in spring, you can use them effectively during other fishing seasons as well.

The key, however, is to know how to use them effectively, for example, if your hunting waters are warm. You should twitch the worm weightless around vegetation and another cover like boat wrecks and docks as that is where the bass will be.

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The Jig Lure For Bass

Jig Lure For BassJigs are as effective as fishing worms. Most anglers would actually say they are better and the classical ‘king of lures’ and a weapon every angler should have.

Like the fishing worms, jigs are not limited to spring bass fishing. They can be used in spring as well as on any other fishing season.

The other thing that’s superbly cool about jigs is the fact that they are not restricted by the conditions in the water.

With some jigs, you can hop into your boat on a chilly day with the water temperature at 25 degrees and return with bass as much as you can do on a very hot day.

Bass just love jig and you can never go wrong with some jig in your tackle box.

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The Jerkbait Fishing Lure

Jerkbait Fishing LureJerkbaits are the just the perfect spring bass fishing lures for one reason too many. The most appealing thing about Jerkbaits is that they give you control.

If you are in deep waters, you can adjust accordingly so that they fish as deep as you need them to, this applies for fast, slow and shallow waters.

Unlike the above two lures, with jerk baits, you can actually use your fishing rod to simulate their movement so they appear like an injured fish that is dying.

Any bass would take advantage of such a situation which would be a win for you when you get a bite and eventually land the fish.

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The Lipless Crankbait Bass Fishing Lure

Lipless Crankbait Bass Fishing LureThe lipless crankbaits are listed among the top spring bass fishing lures for a good reason, they are effective and just like Jerkbaits, they can be adjusted for use in deep or shallow waters.

When you are bass fishing in the spring, the water will be cold which means the bass will likely be found on grass patches and other deep points which gives you an advantage if you are using the lipless Crankbait among your spring bass fishing lures.

One other thing I love the lipless crankbaits is their adaption to conditions. It’s very simple to use these fishing lures in grass and reeds and they are very effective at helping you catch bass in those areas.

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Spinnerbaits Fishing Lures

Spinnerbaits Fishing LuresSpinnerbaits look more or less like jigs. If you are a newbie and looking at a spinnerbait for the first time, chances are, you’d argue that bass would never fall for such a trap as they look unnatural by a huge margin as compared to the other baits reviewed. Well, that is not the case though.

Spinnerbaits are classified among some of the best spring bass fishing lures. What makes spinnerbaits attractive as spring bass fishing lures are how they use both vibration and light in the form of flashed to attract the attention of bass helping you make a huge catch.

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Buzzbaits Spring Bass Fishing Lures

Buzzbaits Spring Bass Fishing LuresBuzzbaits make a great and interesting spring bass fishing lures to fish with. Buzzbaits are fast moving baits and their concept is simple.

They are basically a bent wire which has a jig attached to one end. Buzzbaits are surface baits which tend to not stay on the surface.

To float they have to be in constant motion which is provided by a propeller which helps lift the lure. The buzz comes from the action of the propeller.

When the Buzzbait is in motion, it makes splashing noise on the water surface loud enough to attract the attention of bass without scaring them away.

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Crawfish Bass Lures

Crawfish Bass LuresCrawfish are amazing in that they are favorite prey when it comes to bass. Bass has a lot of options when it comes to feeding but for some reason, they tend to really enjoy craw as they often fall for this lure, especially in spring waters.

Bass fishing in the spring, there is a behavior peculiar to bass, they tend to forage in places like shallow weeds and rocks which is where crawfish usually resides.

If you strategically use craw as a lure in those areas, it will be easy for you to make a catch. For much more effective results, you should attach your plastic crawfish at the back of a jig.

The jig will get the bass’ attention and the crawfish will do the rest and you will land your fish.

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Making Bass Fishing Lures Books

Would you Enjoy to Make Your Own Lures? Lure making is The Art and Science of Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Jigs, and Other Leadheads you can learn how to make your very own spring bass fishing lures.

Check out the list of Making Fishing Lures books below:

If you are a person whom a DIY project excites you and saving money to boot will make your day, you can get any of this spring bass fishing lures books and learn how to make your very own, Spinner Baits, Jigs, and many other types of bass lures.

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Tips for Spring Bass Fishing

How to fish for bass in early spring?  When you aren’t armed with specific knowledge with regards to the psychology of the bass you are trying to catch, you will be met with one disappointment after the other.

Things that you have to consider when you are spring bass fishing that will make a big difference in the amount of fish you catch are:

  • Water Temperature
  • Where to Fish for Bass in Spring
  • Know How To Use The Right Bait
  • Choose the Right Fishing Lure for Bass
  • Do not Give Up

You can read more about this awesome spring bass fishing tactics on our post. We have also included some spring bass fishing videos to help you along. Click here.

Bass Fishing Books

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We Hope You Like our List of  Spring Bass Fishing Lures

7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass This Spring

When equipped with the right tools, anything you venture like spring bass fishing can be a satisfying and joyful experience. All you need for effective results is to carefully choose your spring bass fishing lures before you step onto your boat and the best spring bass fishing lures are all listed above. One of those can help catch the bass of your life.

This is just a handful of 7 of the Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures that I have personally used over the years and I know they work and they work very well.  Please let me know which one is your favorite spring bass fishing lures on the comments below.

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DESCRIPTION: 7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass This Spring. Fishing lures for spring bass that will help you easily catch largemouth bass or smallmouth bass.

We Hope You Liked Our List of  Spring Bass Fishing Lures!

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