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5 Spring Bass Fishing Tips Catch Bass like a Pro


Spring bass fishing tips that will help you catch bass like a pro.  This 5 Spring bass fishing techniques are very easy to do but can help you land some awesome bass.

4 Spring Bass Fishing Tips Catch Bass Like a Pro Fishing Techniques

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5 Spring Bass Fishing Tips Catch Bass Like a Pro

Early Spring bass fishing is undoubtedly the best time of the year, especially for bass fisherman. What makes spring bass fishing so wonderful? Bass fishing in spring is when the anglers would be coming out of hibernation as the waters will be getting warm making this a great opportunity for catching the black bass.

4 Spring Bass Fishing Tips Catch Bass like a Pro Small TechniqueOne thing that can’t be denied though it that bass fishing is tougher than it seems.

Most bass anglers have one question on their minds before they even pick up their fishing reel, “How do I catch the biggest bass alive?”

The answer to that is simple and will be described in the series of spring bass fishing tips to follow.

Before we get to the bass fishing spring tips, it’s important to quote Steven Wright who was not only a comedian but a fishing enthusiast in his own right.

He said, “There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”

Tips for Spring Bass Fishing

How to fish for bass in early spring?  Steven Wright was simply saying especially with regards to spring bass fishing is that, when you aren’t armed with specific knowledge with regards to the psychology of the bass you are trying to catch, you will be met with one disappointment after the other.

Things that you have to consider when you are spring bass fishing that will make a big difference in the amount of fish you catch are:

  • Water Temperature
  • Where to Fish for Bass in Spring
  • Know How To Use The Right Bait
  • Choose the Right Fishing Lure for Bass
  • Do not Give Up

You can read more about this awesome spring bass fishing tactics below. We have also included some spring bass fishing videos to help you along.

Focus on Water Temperature

All fish, just like animals are controlled by instincts. They have no power to reason, they are controlled by forces of habit. And, like humans, by studying and understanding their habitual activities, it becomes easy to predict what these fish would do next.

What influences these instincts? You may ask. The answer to that is rooted deep in the patterns of time and weather as these two things affect the water temperature with is their basic shelter.

This means if you want to cash in and catch the large bass, you need to pay attention to water temperatures.  Check out this video below that talks about how the water temperature affects your fishing.

Focus on Water Temperature Video
One common rule that many spring bass fishing experts follow is, when the water temperature is cooler(45-55 degrees), you have to use slower moving baits as the bass get really active when the temps are within that range.

On the other hand, for temperatures between 55-60 degrees, you should use more aggressive and faster-moving baits.

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Where to fish for bass in spring?

Where to fish for bass in spring? Referring to the quote above by Steven Wright, the reason why you can either stand on the shore or sit on the boat like an idiot while not catching anything is because you would be trying to catch bass in an area where they aren’t which is not only unproductive but a sheer waste of time and resources.

A good angler knows where the fish is before he/she even casts the fishing rod. You have to cast your rod or place your lure exactly where the fish are if you are going to make a catch.

One thing about Bass is that they are very particular about where they stay. It’s very rare, especially during early spring, to find them in open waters. They always opt to go where they can hide and wait.

So, if you are within a body of water, instead of casting your rod and hoping for the best, you should try to look for covered areas. Where does Bass Hide? Bass like to hide in places that may include things like docks, wrecked boats, lily pods, grass, and reeds. Check out this video below that talks about it

Find Where The Bass Is Video
Bass are referred to as hunter-fish, they use cover like a concealer to help them when hunting for prey. So if you can figure out where they can be found, you will have better success catching bass

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Know-How To Use The Right Bait

Know-How To Use The Right Bait – Bass are referred to as hunter-fish and if you can embrace this piece of knowledge and learn how to use it, it will improve your chances of success during your spring bass fishing season.

Bass Fish or Largemouth Bass as is usually called, has a very diversified diet ranging from small prey like shad to much larger prey like ducklings. What this means is that the ‘offer’ you place on your fishing hook must be attractive enough to lure the bass to it.

When spring bass fishing, it’s important to know and understand that imitation is the game. You need to go with a bait that imitates the prey common in the waters you will be fishing in. This brings us back to the second tip, that you have to understand the fish’s habitat.

Check out this video below that talks about choosing the right bait or lure for spring bass fishing.

Know How to Choose Bait Video
In addition to choosing the right bait, you have to be an angler. And to be an effective angler, you have to stop being monotonous with your fishing habits.

You should dedicate time to learning the practice of fishing. Try out fishing in new places that you are not familiar with and practicing new fishing techniques while at it.

You have to be able to adapt as fishing conditions often change without notice

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Choose the Right Fishing Lure for Bass

To fully immerse yourself in the spring bass fishing season, you need to have knowledge on the best spring bass fishing lures you can use to appease your ever-hungry desire to catch bass.
7 Best Spring Bass Fishing Lures to Catch Bass This Spring

  • Fishing Worm
  • The Jig
  • The Jerkbait
  • Lipless Crankbait
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Buzzbaits
  • Crawfish

These are the most popular spring bass fishing lures you will find on the market today.  You can read more about it on this post here.

Bonus Tip Don’t Give up

Persistence, though underrated is a valuable fishing skill. You need to be very consistent with your fishing. When angling for brass in spring, it’s easy to get discouraged when you go to a particular area and fail to catch anything motivating. The secret is to not give up.

Spring Bass Fishing Techniques SmallOne other mistake most new fishermen make when spring bass fishing is to try out entirely new areas and environments that they are not confident enough in.

This, in turn, leads to a situation where they will be moving from one place to the other within the lake hoping to randomly land the ‘largest’ bass in the lake. One of the suggestions we can make about bass fishing spring is to stay in a place you know and be strategic about your fishing routine. Fishing is more about patience than anything.


To conclude, the best bass fishing tip I can give when it comes to bass fishing is that you have to stay in the water, that’s how you can know and really understand the habits of bass. Bass is different from other types of fish in that they never stay at a single place.

As I said, they are hunter-fish, so transitioning and moving around the lake in search of prey is a common habit of theirs. If your goal is to be a pro at bass fishing, you have to understand these transitions including knowing how to follow along.

Another important thing to have elite fishing gear. Invest in a fishing rod that’s above par. Don’t be ordinary. Motivation will easily come if you invest money in getting high-end fishing gear

We Hope You Like our List of Spring Bass Fishing Tips

4 Spring Bass Fishing Tips Catch Bass Like a Pro Fishing Techniques

This is just a handful of spring bass fishing techniques that I have personally used over the years and I know they work and they work very well.  Please let me know which one is your favorite spring bass fishing tips on the comments below.

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DESCRIPTION: Spring bass fishing tips that will help you catch bass like a pro.  This 5 Spring bass fishing techniques are very easy to do but can help you land some awesome bass.

We Hope You Like our List of Spring Bass Fishing Tips!

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