Best 8 Awesome Ice Fishing Hacks That You Need to Know

8 Incredibly Useful Ice Fishing Hacks You Can Use

8 Best Ice Fishing Hacks That You Need to Know. Any Angler that likes to fish in the ice can benefit from the hacks for ice fishing mentioned in this article.
Ice Fishing Hacks Anyone Can Use - 8 Incredibly Useful Ice Fishing Hacks

Ice Fishing Hacks Anyone Can Use

Every winter people like to go out and go fishing on the ice.  This popular type of fishing is mostly referred to as ice fishing. In the dead of winter, lots of lakes, rivers, ponds and yes, some seas are just one big blanket of ice.   Yet, some people still like to go and sit on the ice and do some fishing on the ice.

Just like any other type of fishing the are some ice fishing hacks that you can use to make it a tad easier. Some of this ice fishing hacks will make it easier to be on the ice for quite a long time while being as comfortable as possible and others will help you to catch more fish.

You can use a fishing pole to fish in the ice or you can also give a try to net fishing underneath the ice.  It really depends on where you are fishing and what is allowed by the local laws and your location.

Fishing on the ice can be fun, but it does involve doing some work.  With drilling a hole, carrying all your fishing gear to the spot, setting everything up, and lets not even talk about the cold.  It is no wonder that smart ice fisherman all over the world have come up with some amazing ice fishing hacks to may the task that much easier.

Any Angler that likes to fish in the ice can benefit from the hacks for ice fishing mentioned in the points below.

Fishing On The Ice For Pike Video

8 Incredibly Useful Ice Fishing Hacks That Anyone Can Use

Below we will discuss some ice fishing hacks and tips that can dramatically increase your next ice fishing trip.

  • The Depth of The Water Matters

    We will start our list of ice fishing hacks by talking about the depth of the water. Fish tend to stay at a certain depth in the winter months, which makes it easier for you to know where they can be found.  Doing some simple research online you can find out where the type of fish you are going after average water depth where they can be found during the winter months.

  • Take You Time to Catch That Fish

    Fish tend to move slower in the winter months, this is done to preserve energy.  Move your bait slowly or as less as possible.  Fish will release the bait or lure just to save the valuable energy. This is by far the most common problem that novice ice fisherman has when they try fishing on the ice.

  • Covering The Hole So as NOT to Scare The Fish

    If you are fishing on the ice on very shallow water, a rule of thumb is to keep at least some of those ice chips in the hole.  This is done to prevent light coming thru the hole and scaring the fish.

  • Bounce Your Lure or Bait on The Bottom

    During the cold months’ perch and sunfish like to feed at the bottom of the water. If you bounce your lure or bait on the bottom this will stir mud and debris which may attract fish to your hook.

  • Drop Some Bait on The Hole

    Dropping bait on your ice fishing hole may entice fish to your gear. While fish tend to move as little as possible during the winter months and in icy water, feeding fish will attract more fish to your area. By crushing small baitfish and dropping them in the ice water you can let the fish go crazy. Wax worms may work as well. Depending on your location there may be laws about fishing that you may need to be aware of. So please check your local fishing laws before doing this.

  • Bring on the Hockey Tape

    Hockey tape is the duct tape of the ice fishing world.  It has many uses when you are out fishing on the ice and is made especially for ice. Here is another DIY Ice Fishing Hacks that you can do.  Wrap the fishing pole handle with hockey tape for a better grip.  You can also use it as well on any pliers that you own.  Another place where you can use hokey tape would be on the cooler handles.  Just like duct tape, it has many uses.

    DIY Ice Fishing Hacks Video
  • Lip Balm Would Be Helpful When Ice Fishing

    Another ice fishing hacks is to use Lip Balm. Yes, lip balm can be applied to your lips to keep your them from cracking in the cold. When you are fishing on the ice you can apply lip balm to your fishing pole rings.  Lip balm will create a film that will prevent ice from forming on your fishing line and weakening it. A weaken fishing line will snap with that big fish you are trying to land.  You do not need much.  Just a few passes on the guide with your finger will prevent your guide from icing up for many hours.

  • Keep Your Fishing Hole Ice-Free

    Here is a double purpose ice fishing hacks.  Keeping your fishing hole ice-free and staying warm when fishing on the ice can be accomplished with Hand Warming Packs. Instead of shoveling the ice out of your fishing hole every few minutes, you can simply add one of this heat packs into the hole. They give out a lot of heat and will save you lots of time. The other thing they do very well is to keep you warm.

Ice Fishing Gear That You May Need

Ice Fishing Gear That You May Need - 8 Incredibly Useful Ice Fishing Hacks

If you are going to be fishing on the ice it is always a good idea to come prepared. There are some things that you should have when ice fishing. We have listed the most common ones below.

Note: The links below will take you to where you can get all your Ice Fishing Gear needs.

  • An Extra set of Warm Dry Clothes: In case you or someone gets wet, it would be a good idea to have an extra set of warm cold weather gear.
  • A battery Charger for Your Phone: You can buy cell phone battery packs or Rechargeable USB Heated Vest that will keep your phone charged in case of an emergency.
  • Ice Fishing Poles: Ice fishing poles are much smaller than your regular fishing poles due to the limited space to work with (the fishing hole).
  • Ice Auger 6-8″: To make the hole on the ice. You can get either a handheld ice auger of an automatic one, depending on your budget.
  • A 5-gallon Bucket: You need something to sit on while you are fishing on the ice, a bucket with a lid could be very helpful. As a DIY ice fishing hacks, you can easily add padding to the lid for more comfort.
  • Ice Shoe Chains: To avoid slipping on the snow, you can attach these chains to your shoes or boots.
  • Ice Fishing Tackle: Do not forget the hooks, lures and all the ice fishing gear that you will need for this venture.
  • Hand Warmers: A set of hand warmer packs will help you to keep you warm and to keep an ice-free fishing hole. As I was researching this topic I came across this Rechargeable USB Heated Vest that will work to keep you warm as well.
  • A Roll of Hokey Tape: As mentioned above having a roll of hockey tape handy would be very helpful
  • First Aid Kit: Now this one is not an ice fishing gear per se, but in the event of an accident a first aid kit would be a nice thing to have.

There are many other ice fishing gear that you could get, I just listed the ones that I would normally use. You can find more on Amazon.

Be Safe When Fishing On The Ice

As much fun as ice fishing can be.  Please be aware of your surroundings.  Have extra warm clothes in case they are needed.  A fully charged phone may save yours or someone else’s life.  Let someone know where you are going to be.  And be careful when fishing on the ice.

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