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Bass Fish Facts That You Did Not Know


Bass Fish Facts – The sport of bass fishing has an amazing history that many people do not know about.  It all started somewhere in the last part of the 18th century and has continued to make a steady progress even today.  Of course, back then it was mostly used to provide for the family. Here we discuss some of the bass fish facts that you may not be aware of.

BASS FISH Facts That You Did Not Know - Bass Fish Facts Video

Bass Fish Facts That You Did Not Know

Ever since those days, it has gained many fans of many ages, backgrounds and social status from around the world. Today Bass fishing is a sport that is enjoyed in countries such as United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Costa Rica, Panama and many others.  If there is a lake, a river, channel, sea, ocean, bay, or even a  small pond someone is fishing for bass in it. Here are some Bass Fish Facts That You Did Not Know.

Bass Fish Facts Timelines

Bass Fish Facts timelines of some of the most memorable moments in the bass fishing sport.  Hopefully, someday we can add this site FishingStone to this list. You can always read FishingStone here and share it with the world.

  • Between the years of 1768 or 1770 has been determined that it was the birth of bass fishing as a sport.  A gentleman named Onesimus Ustonson came up with the very first multiplying reels that the fishing community and the gurus simply loved the new gadget. It was developed into the bait caster on later years.
  • William Shakespeare Jr is better known these days for his Ugly Stik fishing rods. came up with the ideas for a  level wind device for which he got a patent on 1897.
  • The William J. Jamison Co came up with the idea of the Shannon Twin Spinner in the year 1915. The spinners have been improved over the years to make what is called Spinner Baits. Bass Fish Facts.
  • In the year 1932, President then Franklin D. Roosevelt set up the Tennessee Valley Authority which main plan was to encourage the creation and construction of many dams across the US. Once created this dams became home to many species of bass.
  • In 1937, DuPont Company signs up for a patent for nylon fishing net. Which was later turned into a nylon monofilament fishing line.
  • In the year 1992 Larry Nixon, whom at the time was the most known fisherman in the bass fishing history had $1 MILLION in yearly earnings for fishing bass as a sport.

Bass Fish Facts Video

More Bass Fish Facts

Here are more bass fish facts for you to go thru.  There are several types of bass that are caught at bass fishing tournaments and events like:

  • Largemouth Bass – Micropterus salmoides (Lacepede)
  • Smallmouth Bass – Micropterus dolomieui
  • Kentucky Bass – Micropterus punctatus

” Micropterus is a genus of freshwater fish in the sunfish family (family Centrarchidae) of order Perciformes. The species of this genus are known as the black bass. ” – Source: wikipedia.org

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Another Bass Fish Facts is that Fishing items like bass boats, fishing rods, fishing lines, fishing lures and varies new types of fishing gear has improved and benefitted greatly in the last few years. Electronic Fishing Gadgets have come a long way.  Items like wireless depth finders, rechargeable fishing lures, electronic fish bite alarm, digital fishing scale and much more have become popular items and a must have for many anglers. Did you Know that OLD Fishing Lures could be worth $1000’s of Dollars?

These are only some of the many styles and tips on how to progress and enhance your bass fishing strategy. But if you do not have any plan at all, you may really get dissatisfied from time to time. But, it is optional that you first learn and read adequate information and guides about bass fishing. And if you need them here are Top 10 Reasons To Go Fishing.

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