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Old Fishing Lures Could Be Worth LOTS of Money


Old fishing lures can be found at the bottom of your tackle box or the old fishing boat that you just bought. Those old fishing lures are still good for fishing, but they the right old fishing lure could be worth lots of money.

Old Fishing Lures Could Be Worth LOTS of Money

OLD Fishing Lures Worth BIG Money

Sometimes they may need a little TLC, or a new hook to replace that rusted one. But they should still work just as good for bass fishing or trout fishing. Would you be surprised to know that your old fishing lures could be worth $100’s or even better yet $1000’s of dollars?

I sure was surprised to learn that some of those old fishing lures are worth a lot more than I thought. But when you think about it is not that surprising. People, in general, collect lots of things, so why not some old fishing lures. Some of this lures may be one of a kind fishing lures or limited editions, or just like minted coins, a small imperfection would make that fishing lure so unique that it became a collector’s item.

Back in the day fishing lures were not mass produced. They were a handmade item by craftsmen that specialize in making fishing lures all day or as a hobby. So you might get lucky one of this days and spot one of this old fishing lures at a yard sale or an estate sale, or just sitting snagged on top of the tree by the water.

You simply never know where that diamond in the rough old fishing lures will show up. As a tip to help you, download this post to your phone. After sharing it of course. That way you will have it as a reference in case you come across one of this lures.

Old Fishing Lures Collection Worth $400,000

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Which old fishing lures worth money?

Well, you can’t just pick an old lure and expect it to be worth something, so we have listed a few that may help you to hopefully spot a good one that may be worth some money.

The Kent Wooden Minnow Lure

Friend Pardee Kent Minnow Old Fishing Lures
Image Source: liveauctioneers.com

The Kent Wooden Minnow fishing lures were made around the early 1900’s in Ohio because of this there are no many left these days.  You can easily dismiss them as a newer lure because of the way it looks.  Now after almost 118 years this being 2018, if you happen to have the original packaging it would be worth around 10k, if you don’t have it the lure loses half its value.

The Heddon Frog Antique Fishing Lures

Heddon Frog Old Fishing Lures
Image Source: pinterest.com

The Heddon Frog Old Fishing Lures current value is around $30,000 dollars.  This is one of the rarest antique lures on the market today.  Which explains why it is such an expensive collectible lure.  James Heddon of Dowagiac, Mich carved this lure and gave it away to his honey business customers as an incentive.  This is hand-carved wooden lure with a single hook on each of its legs and a treble hook that hangs from its belly.  Because of its age and the fact that they were hand-made, there are not many available today.

The Shakespeare New Albany Bait

The Shakespeare New Albany Bait Old Fishing Lures
Image Source: antiquelures.com

The Shakespeare New Albany Bait was last sold for $10,000. It originated in Michigan in 1913, it was only a 5 1/2 inches long and came equipped with 5 treble hooks.  It was usually painted on the front red and the back white. If you happen to find something similar to this make sure to call a person who can properly appraise it.  Fingers crossed.

Heddon Underwater Expert Lure

Heddon Underwater Expert Old Fishing Lures
Image Source: fishinghistory.blogspot.com

The Heddon Underwater Expert fishing lures were made in the year 1890 and its worth a mere $9,000. It is 4 ¼ inches long and it comes with five treble hooks, with a single propeller placed in the front. There is a similar one (shown above) that is only worth around $7,000 which is still not bad, worth $7,000, was made in 1904. With its 2 1/2 inch body and bright white with a simple gold trim, it sure was a good looking lure on its time.

Moonlight Dreadnought Antique Fishing Lures

Moonlight Dreadnought Old Fishing Lures
Image Source: mrlurebox.com

The Moonlight Dreadnought Fishing Lures is the funkiest looking lure out of this list of old fishing lures.  It was made in 1918 by Moonlight Bait Company.  It was only available for a couple of years and discontinued after that.  This huge lure most have created a large ripple in the water as it was being reeled in.  It was so named after a British battleship that was made around the 1900’s. This old fishing lures is worth around $5,000.

Well, you get the idea. Something so little as some antique fishing lures could be worth lots of money in the bank for you. So if you spot any old fishing lures that looks like an antique, put it aside in a safe spot until you can get a vintage fishing lure appraisal. You never know.

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