Fishing in Costa Rica is Any Angler Dream Come True -

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Fishing in Costa Rica to many anglers in the world is like a dream that has become a reality. With the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean to either side of the country. Miles upon miles of rivers and many lakes to choose from any fisherman can find a Costa Rica Fishing spot to love.

Fishing in Costa Rica

This very popular fishing destination has many resorts and harbors that allow you easy access. Fishing in Costa Rica is one of the Best Fishing Spots in the World. Billfish is the main fish in the area, you can catch Tarpon, Snook, Marlins, Sailfish, Bass, Wahoo and many more.

There are many rivers and lakes to enjoy freshwater fishing.  The one to try is Lake Arenal being the longest river on the North side of the country. Enjoy Fishing Costa Rica Style!

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